A Healer in business

About the healer behind the healing:

Lounda is an educator, entrepreneur and creative.   

She started healing body shop as an outlet to express and cultivate her talents in the herbal world. At age 12, Lounda started her apprenticeship under her beloved mother who past away 2022. Before her mother transitioned, she taught Lounda all that she knows, from herbalism to ancient doula practices. " I  knew that my mom separating from me was inevitable eventually, like a sponge I suck up as much knowledge as I could". My mother once said "at least when I am no longer here, you can keep it going". That is exactly what Lounda sought to do, to keep culture and tradition going.

I have been a self taught herbalist for 8 years now. I learned everything from my mother and research. My mother once said that the student has surpass the master, in regards to my growth. She claimed that she no longer had nothing left to teach me. Before she passed, she nurtured and foster a love for herbs and nature in me, I can only strive to be half of the herbalist and person that she was.


I was always into skincare but 5 years ago as a side effect from my medications, I begin to break out, I suffered from cystic acne. I had the option to take over counter acne medications, after a long fight with my own declining health and solely relying on western medicine. The treatments worked in bringing back balance to my body. However the treatments left my skin almost unrecognizable,  I decided to choose a more natural route towards healing instead of trying out all of the different ointments and creams that my primary physician had recommended. 

I made my first product on September 2018, after experimenting and patch testing, it cleared my acne and brightened my skin. Upon that discovery,  I wanted to bring the tools to heals to the world through my products an herbal knowledge. It has always been my goal and life's purpose to empower people to feel good in their own skin , to trust their process and to be aware of the healing power of nature. I started in my parents kitchen, one day, I hope to own a processing facility and fulfill my dreams to make holistic skincare accessible.

Besides my business, I am the host of my very own podcast. I talk about mental illnesses, sleep disorders, eating disorders and occasionally read my poems.

But all in all I hope to live a life of purpose wherever that may lead me.

I am all about healing and elevation. I am a believer and I strongly believe in being your best authentic self, whatever that looks like and embracing the shadow and light aspects of who we are.


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