Accountability for your own health!


Some days, as the raindrops fall down our windows, we start reminiscing, We start thinking about the ways that others can show up for us. Cause why not? We are in a dark place. Without giving a thought to what they may be going through.

And what happens when others can’t show up in the ways that we expect. We get disappointed if we put that expectation on ourselves, making ourselves responsible for our healing, we realize that we can achieve inner peace without being so dependent. 

Sometimes we do need to reach out, needing an anchor, someone to bring us out of the abyss. 

One day we would have to create our anchor and be responsible for our healing. Some day, the person that we have come to rely so much on may no longer have the strength to hoist us up. 

 When you’re down, how could you see that? 

 How could you see that—it’s not that people are not good friends or great siblings, they also have so much that they can give away before they too start losing their sanity? 

This is not a reason for you to think that you can do everything on your own or to think that you’re a burden, and not get the help that you need.

Just like I had to wake up, let this be your wake up call. Our healing is our responsibility, it's not on others to carry us for so long. 

Once we’re back on our feet, we must study our patterns, our cycles, to grow and be more self-sustainable. 

When we do the work and actively seek understanding and growth, we can also be there for someone else who needs an anchor. 


It is the cycle that keeps on giving. 

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