Daily Practices to incorporate into your Skincare Routine

Daily Routines...lets talk about it!

Daily practices are a set of routined behavior, such as brushing your teeth every day and other activities. However since your skin is the largest organ that makes up the human body, a good skincare routine should be practice everyday. 

Skin care is essential in maintaining skin health. Caring for your skin not only improves its health but your well being. I will be sharing 5 tips that can further improve your skincare routine. 

Routine #1

If you wear makeup or sunscreen, it is imperative that you double cleanse. Double cleansing is the practice of cleaning your face, not once but twice to penetrate your skin and rid it of any dirt and impurities that can clog your pores. 

How do you double cleanse?

double cleansing is often done by using an oil based cleanser to remove sebum, sunscreen and makeup. A water based cleanser is use to rid the skin of excess impurities such as dirt, sweat and even that muddy sheen that your makeup or skincare products can leave behind.

Although double cleansing is effective it can also be stripping and harsh based on the products that you use. 

if you notice that your skin is left very dry, you can try out the next skin ritual.

Routine #2 

Moisturize daily, moisturize often, MOISTURIZE... 

your skin will thank you! 

Our body is made up of predominantly water, we need moisture in every aspect including our skin. Whatever skin issues you struggle with can not and WILL not be remedied without the consistent use of moisturizers and serums.

Routine #3

Clean your makeup brushes and beauty blenders. I know you're probably thinking that this is a no brainer but our brushes are usually the least of our worries. However they make a big difference in your skin health.

Dirty sponges and make up brushes harbor all types of dirt and bacteria. Imagine having a 10 step Korean skincare routine and rubbing bacteria all over your face whenever you do your makeup.

If sponges and makeup brushes are not salvageable, do yourself a favor and toss them out!

While on the topic of throwing away dirty items, you should toss your expired makeup and skincare. Which is our next ritual...

Routine #4

That dirty lipgloss that you've been holding on to for the past five years, needs to be tossed. THROW IT AWAY!!

Skincare and makeup products tend to have an expiration date on their label or the website of the company but it is usually estimated for certain products to be tossed with 6-12 months. If you've had that cleanser for 2 years, it can only do harm. I would throw it out!

Sometimes you don't even need the expiration date, if it smells and it's been years, toss it out. That brings us to our last ritual.

Ritual #5

Wear your sunscreen even when there is no sun. That practice alone can make a big difference on your skin. You may start seeing less wrinkles and more of a supple look and plus your skin is not patchy and dehydrated. Sunscreen is a must in our skincare routines. 

Sunscreen protects us from strong sun radiation. Even though the sun is healing, it can also hurt and dry our skin out the more we spend time unprotected.

We will be talking more about the healing powers of the sun in a future blog post. The sun can be use to help from menstrual pain and other types of pain. The sun is also  a great tool to help with mental wellbeing.

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