Nature's Pain Reliever: The top best herbs to consume for pain

Have you ever been in pain or struggle with menstrual cramps? No matter what gender you are, pain is inevitable. However, long-term pain should not be normalized. Nature has a cure. Here are some of natures best pain relievers.
Our intention is to provide some information on herbs to hopefully inspire you to be more intentional about what you are consuming. 
1. Mugwort
Literally known for its menstrual easing properties, it warm up the uterus, and pelvic area to move stagnant blood. It also helps to relieve gas and cleanse the appetite. It's a speeding up and warming herb.
If you find yourself getting tired, drowsy and restless, mugwort can help. Mugwort is a very potent antioxidant that can help support liver health, use as an insect repellent and is known for balancing your hormones. If you find yourself suffering with period cramps or normal regular pain, try a cup of mugwort. When taken orally mugwort can have numerous benefits, it can be use to combat digestive problems as suggested above, high blood pressure. This herb specializes in promoting blood circulation. 
please consult with your doctor before consumption. These herbs can negatively react with medications.
2. Hibiscus
This one is a personal fave! It balances hormones, which help with period regulation and cramps.
Hibiscus has become a favorite herb within the beauty industry for not only its beautiful petals but its potency with healing skin. Hibiscus is anti aging!
This very strong antioxidant is not only great in skincare but for the whole body. From decreasing blood pressure to lowering a fever. The roots of this antipyretic, soothing herb can be use as a tonic to relieve dry coughs and other maladies. It also makes for a great pain-reliever against cramps and other body aches.
3. Lemon Balm
Wether you are experiencing pain from cramps or gas, lemon balm can provide you with relief. The herb is often use to ease pain and discomfort especially pain related to gas and indigestion.
The herb is also use to reduce period pain through its antioxidant properties
which can help alleviate stress, inflammation, and may also contain antispasmodic effects.
After a long day, lemon balm antispasmodic effects can help relax sore muscles and help alleviate body aches to bring the body some relief. 
If you find yourself in a predicament where you may need a safe, fast at-home remedy to help with toothache problems, try a nice soothing cup of lemon balm to provide temporary relief while you place a dental appointment. Lemon balm is traditionally relied on when experiencing dental problems.
4. Burdock Root
Burdock root is another potent herb. The steroids in the plant will affect the estrogen in your body and help balance out your hormones. Burdock is used in a lot of traditional cultures, in Chinese culture it is used as a blood purifier. If you find yourself sore and aching from all over, try a nice soothing cup of burdock tea as it can help with swelling. if you struggle with arthritis or other joint issues, indigestion and even skin issues ( anti-aging) long-term use of burdock may help you. 
Based on dosage and usage,  all of the these herbs alone may not be enough to help you with whatever illness or situation that you are facing. Please consult with your doctor, herbalist, aesthetician and or/ a nutritionist.
Most of these herbs have been said to have anti-cancerous properties but are not backed by scientific research. Burdock was a staple in my mothers treatment plan (I will dive into how herbs affected her skin and body later). 
More herbs that can help make menstruation or body ache less painful:
• Chamomile*
• Calendula
• Dandelion Roots & Leaves
• Chuang Xiong
• White Peony
• Cramp Bark
• Raspberry Leaf *
• Chaste Tree (Use with Caution)
• Blue Vervain (Use with Caution)*
• Rosemary*
• Black Haw
• Wild yam*
• Shepherds Purse
• Thyme*
Favorite herbs: *
I am not liable for any allergies or reactions that you may face from consuming these herbs. Please check with your primary care provider before consuming herbs. Herbal medicine is intended to help alongside more developed medical practices. I am a herbalist, not a doctor, these are advice based on my research and observations. My findings are based on how these herbs have react to MY own body as well as members of my family. Do not depend primarily on herbs unless you have sought professional advice! You know your body and if you don't, please find out what works for you!
For more information on herbs, health and care please feel free to subscribe to our page. If you would like me to discuss a certain topic, please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section down below! 
Happy healing.
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