Why Healing Body?

What inspired you to create this company?

I created my company because I had a need. It all started with a skin reaction I had back in 2018 due to some prescribed medication I was taking at that time. It did not occur to me that a side effect of this medication would be hormonal, cystic acne.  I was not comfortable in my own skin and wanted to try a more natural approach at healing my skin. I began to formulate products in my shared college kitchen for personal uses. Friends and family were amazed by my results but  It was not until later that year that they convinced me to share my discoveries with others. And so the initiate that we know today as Healing Body Shop started.   I notice there was a need in the beauty industry, not only for effective goods but knowledge and transparency. That is why it was important that I created a company not only to help people find a solution to their skin problems but also to learn about nature and herbs. It has always been important for me to share the wealth of knowledge, wellness and culture.

What is the best part about what you do?

The best part is being able to see the impact that I’m making in others lives. When I was growing up, being a herbalist and learning about herbs was often demonized but I am glad that it is being embraced and that people are looking for ways to heal themselves. I am glad that I can provide people with a platform that embraces culture, wellness and art.

Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to see Healing Body grow beyond Lounda and her limitations. In a few years, I hope to move out of the kitchen and into a more permanent location.

What needs are you meeting? What keep your doors open?

My company started out as a hobby, as a way for me to learn how to heal myself inside and out, and then it became something bigger than me. It provided me with a platform to share my knowledge of herbs and my culture. In 2020 during the pandemic when I thought about closing my shop, my lovely mother and mentor became terminally ill. She could not use store bought toiletries so my mother became dependent on my handmade treats. There was now a need greater than my desire to give up. I make treats for the person hiding in their own body, for the person that is invisible, the person that became a mother and did not think that they could glow again.

This question makes me think of everyone that has been aided by Healing Body.

Now that you know a little bit about the company and its foundations, why that name...... Why healing body? 

When you strive to heal, to enter your mind, to understand your thought process, feel every emotions, every heavy breath--you love yourself more, you cherish your body, you feel understood. Every time we fill our cups, we naturally overflow and fill others. 

Every feeling, every emotion is important and sacred, they tell a story, they are how our bodies connect to us. Our body yearns for our love, yearns for our own embrace. Nourish it, empower it and heal it from within. Every mission, every purpose starts at the center of our beings. We can only unlock our potential when we strive to heal or mind body and soul.

Learn to heal your own body.

Happy healing!

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