A black girl in business

Who is Lounda???

I am an entrepreneur, creative, healer. I run a small black owned business on Etsy call healing body shop. I am 21 years old, Haïtian and proud.

I have been a self taught herbalist for 6 years now. I learned everything from my beloved mother and through research. I am still learning! I was always into skincare but 2 years ago as a side effect from my medications, I begin to break out, I suffered from cystic acne. I had the option to take over counter acne medications, but I decide to choose a more natural route towards healing. I made my first product in September 2018, after experimenting and patch testing, it stopped my acne and brightened my skin. Since then I have always wanted to empower other woman to feel good in their own skin , to trust their process and to be aware of the healing power of nature. I started in my parents kitchen, one day, I hope to own a processing facility and fulfill my dreams to make holistic skincare accessible.

Besides my business, I am the host of my very own podcast called diving deeper: into the realities of an awkward black woman. I mostly talk about mental illnesses, sleep disorders, eating disorders and occasionally read my poems.

But all in all I am a full time student on a pre law track. We will see.....

I am all about healing and elevation. I am a believer and an empath. I strongly believe in being your best authentic self, whatever that looks like and embracing the shadow and light aspects of who we are.


Welcome to my first blog post, I hope you guys stick around for the long run!

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