Why Healing body?

Well, since I was very small, I have always been curious, with self progression, self-awareness and mindfulness. But for so long I put off that work...... wouldn’t apply what I learned to my life and my experiences. 

Just gathering knowledge but not really doing the WORK.

So I chose to run instead. Always running.  As a matter of fact I’m still running. 

Running from every trauma that’s piling on. From desires. From fear itself. Never really wanting to feel or be grounded.

Until I started unraveling. 

Honestly it was grimy, pain-stricken , bleeding everywhere and pushing people away. Trying to not hurt anyone or myself but when you’re being processed you’re bound to break a few eggs. Running away and hiding won’t ever change that outcome. 

But honestly, when I started losing my sanity, I gained a lot more. The process isn’t terrifying, its beautiful, its as if for once, your being is forcing you to acknowledge itself, its darkened ugly state and its beauty. 

Imploding....collapsing and reemerging as whole. 

Still processing but I am loving every part of my healing Journey.

I also had a chronic illness for most of my existence, it emerged when I was very young. It was as if I was forced to live with a crazy roommate who didn’t pay rent. 

When I got to college, after being probed and poked, I was healed. 

Even though physically I was well. I wasn't’ rehabilitated, I had this roommate for so long that I never imagined a world without it.

So...... Why healing body? 

When you strive to heal, to enter your mind, understand your thought process, feel every emotions, every heavy breath, you love yourself more, you cherish your body, you feel understood. Every time we fill our cups, we naturally overflow and fill others. 

Every feeling, every emotion is important and sacred, they tell a story, they are how our bodies connect to us. Our body yearns for our love, yearns for our own embrace. Nourish it, empower it and heal it from within.

Happy healing!

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