About us

Healing Body Shop, LLC  is a 100% organic, vegan, and cruelty-free company which seeks to empower people to embrace their inner beauty and self through holistic body care, hailing from the natural, healing properties of mother nature. We aim to spread self-love  and encourage our community to approach their healing journey holistically, either from traumatic experiences, confidence battles, insecurities, blemishes and other skin issues.

We are adamant advocates of mental well-being and the healing process. We seek to empower people to be proactive, patient, and determined in their healing journey and road to achieving personal wellness. We do so, through social media outreach, products, collaborations and partnerships, inspirational content, and self-love initiatives. We were founded to encourage healing and body care, which gave rise to our skin care initiatives and products. We encourage people to embrace themselves, inclusivity, sensuality and spiritual well-being through our body care line and art.



Nature's Nectar

Exotic Herbal Infused body treats made with authentic herbs

meet the healer

Meet Lounda Charelus, a practicing herbalist with 8 years of experience. She specializes in skin, body health, wellness, and ancient Carribean herbal practices

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