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Exotic Skin food to nourish and replenish skin





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Skin food for  all skin types



All natural

Our products have helped against hyper-pigmentation, dark heads, and hydration issues.



We believe in holistic healing. Our products are handcrafted to help heal the mind, body, and soul.


All Skin Types

Our treats can be used on your babies, people with cancer, people who are undergoing chemotherapy and other skin issues. 



We have about 7 years of herbal experience! Our treats have been tested on ages 3 months to 57 years old!


What do I need for my routine?

Different herbs have been known to help with different conditions. Watch as our healer uses our products to complete her quick, all natural routine! 

About the owner

I have been a self taught herbalist for 6 years now. I learned everything from my beloved mother and through research. I am still learning! I was always into skincare but 2 years ago as a side effect from my medications, I begin to break out, I suffered from cystic acne. I had the option to take over counter acne medications, but I decide to choose a more natural route towards healing. I made my first product in September 2018, after experimenting and patch testing, it stopped my acne and brightened my skin..... Read More


Their Brighter Days Spirulina face mask is the highlight of my self-care days! I feel luxurious and well pampered with my mask on.


Bethstyline Cherry

Our customer

High Quality

High quality products made with beautiful ingredients! Excellent customer service/response time as well.


Jasmine Cornileus

Our customer

Holy Grail

I love love LOVE The Healing Body Shop’s luscious lip balm!! It is my holy grail!!!!! It’s so smooth, and you can tell that it is natural and made with love. My lips feel so much softer since I’ve been using it for a few months now <3


Kay Andre

Our customer

Highly Recommend

I've had issues with acne scarring and textured skin for the past few months. I've been using this mask everyday for the past week and in the short amount of time, I've seen improvement in my smoothening of my skin and brightening my hyperpigmentation. Highly Recommend!


Jazzmin Favours

Our customer

Extremely Satisfied

I bought the hibiscus and aloe face serum and I am extremely satisfied!! My face feels refreshed & I have a moisturizer that I trust now. Thank you for making this. I love it so much and put it on every night.


Fabine Michel

Our customer

Extremely Effective

The website is beautiful and well organized. I have tried their rose hip oil, spirulina mask, and body butter. All of which have proven to be extremely effective. The body butter works very well on my skin as I have very dry skin and the rose hip oil is perfect for my acne prone oily skin. The spirulina mask leaves a glow on my face. I look forward to purchasing more of their products.



Our customer

Extremely Effective

The Website was very beautiful and easy to navigate! Checkout went smooth as well so that was also a plus! But if you’re wondering or hesitating about the brighter days mask, PRESS THE CHECKOUT BUTTON! it’s amazing, its relaxing-i literally feel like im at a SPA with it on. my skin has had acne scar troubles and after weeks of using the mask, my skin is definitely seeing brighter days! so happy i patronized this business!


Safiyyah Witherspoon

Our customer