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Our story

After getting cystic acne from prescription medication due to hormonal imbalance, our Founder, Lounda Charelus, was inspired by traditional Haitian herbs used by our parents and grandparents alike to rectify her ACNE issue! After asking the important questions and doing research, she became a self-taught herbalist and began experimenting in her small, collegiate scholarship house shared with other peers. After she perfected her skincare ritual to accommodate for a variety of skin issues that she had, she became committed to her skincare journey and started sharing her results with her friends, family, and those who were open to listen. She became an active advocate to not only skin care, but holistic healing and mindfulness in taking care of ourselves, body, and soul. At the root of this business’s foundation is her story and the people she first extended to share it with, at the root of our vision is service to others to share our own personal journey, triumph and losses with our skin care, confidence and more to empower and to bring awareness to holistic care. What started as a personal journey to conquer my insecurities about not just skin care but holistic care beyond what was available in modern medicine became a hobby and soon a passion to serve and help others who may be dealing with similar traumatic experiences, body insecurities, and lack of confidence recover and regain their smile and passion to just be their best self! This was never about the money, but with money, came a better means to do what I love, which is to share and share some more with y’all! Nothing makes me happier than to hear a customer’s review on how they loved their products or how it made them feel more in tune with their body because now they can see a visible glow and smoothness. As I grow, my healing journey continues, and with it came others healers who believe in me and became a part of my tribe! Like you!🤗🖤🌿